Lanco Filler

Anti-Caking Agent & Toxin binder for feeds or ingredients

Lanco Filler
Is an all 100% Natural Hydrated Sodium, Calcium Aluminosilicate ( HSCAS ) Is safe to use in rations and ingredient for all class of poultry and livestock when caking flowability and molds with their resulting toxins are problem

Lanco filler

  • Has the special ability to bind and effect on all the type of mycotoxins
  • Anti-caking
  • Is very effective when multiple mycotoxins are present
  • Has Chemiselective for mycotoxins
  • Has no Drug interaction
  • Has no Vitamins or minerals binding
  • Not toxic

Lanco Filler is very safe and recommended to use

Direction for use
Add 1 to 2 KG per tone of final ration