Welcome to Lancom Bio Pharm

Lancom Bio Pharm is a leading USA company dedicated to improving the health of animals worldwide - by researching, manufacturing and distributing high quality feed additives and animal health products for all class of poultry and livestock . We offers innovative solutions in areas of animal nutrition and animal feed additives that enable a more natural approach to animal production . We offer a wide range of products, which when used properly will help improve the performance of feed rations for all groups of Poultry, livestock, and aquaculture.

Our products contain Toxin Binder, Growth Promotors, Mold control, Antibiotic Replacement, Acidifier, Vitamins, Liver tonic, Biosecurity, Disinfectant ,  etc.. We are represent in many countries worldwide, Lancom Bio Pharm is headquartered in USA and has production plants in USA and Fran.

Together with our international expertise and scientific approach we are the PROFESSIONAL PARTNERS in animal PRODUCTION.